Fabric 170 Grey&Leaves


2.80*2.20m, grey

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Fabric 170 Grey&Leaves

Width 2.20m

Length 2.80m

Weight 0.87kg

One edge shows it’s curtain, but something is telling me that I’ll have lovely bed cover if you wont buy it. 🙂

Fabrics are brand new, never used before. Coupons opened just to measure.

Let me also invite you to see me other items, it means: fabrics, jewellery, underwear, minerals, rosary beads and many others.

I prefer to sell coupons in a one piece, but I understand sometimes extra few meters is too much happiness. If you want to buy part of it, just send me an email.

Additional information

Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 220 × 280 × 0.1 cm

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